1. What is the Boysproject?

Boysproject is an organisation that works for the wellbeing of male and transgender sexworkers. Boysproject gives info and advice. We offer support for issues that you consider important.


2. What can Boysproject offer me?

We help you in your search for answers on your questions and needs. Boysproject will, together with you, search for an answer to all your questions about sexwork, safe sex, sexuality and clients, but also about administration, housing, education, work, drugs, (residence)documents, spare time and other issues you care about.
You can get from us free condoms and lubricant. You can get a free HIV/STD test.

3. Can I stay anonymous in the Boysproject?

Read our dislaimer - privacy statement.


4. Does Boysproject give info / support for the organisation of escort-work?

Boysproject is not an escort agency. This means that we cannot help you with finding and/or contacting clients. We do give tips and advice about how to work in a safe way.

5. Is sexwork forbidden by law?

Prostitution as such is not forbidden. However, you should stick to certain legal rules:
It is forbidden to recruit customers (e.g. to contact customers on the street, to advertise in newspapers or on the internet.)
Prostitution is forbidden for minors. If you're not 18 yet, you cannot receive money in exchange for sexual acts. Having sex is authorised from 16 years of age, but you cannot earn money with it!


6. Can I be self-employed as sex-worker?

For reasons such as the social security, it can be beneficial to get the status of “self-employed”. However, there are no legal specifications for escort-work. For more information you can contact one of our employees.


7. Where can I get free condoms?

Boysproject provides free condoms and lubricant. We can give you these in our office, on the street, or we can make an appointment somewhere in Antwerp.
There are also other places where you can get free condoms.


8. What is the best way to protect me against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STD)?

It is important to use a condom in order to protect you against STD. However, no protection is 100% safe, therefore it is important to get tested once every 3 months. Go to a doctor earlier if you feel that something is wrong with your body after a sexual contact.
You can get a preventive vaccine for Hepatitis B! This service is also offered free at Boysproject.
Click here for a summary of all possible STD's and how you can get them.

9. Can I get TB by doing sex-work?

Yes, tuberculosis is transmitted by air. The disease is mainly transmitted in dark and poorly ventilated rooms. As an escort, it is important to be tested once a year. For more information you can contact VRGT or you can ask your doctor when going for a STD check-up.


10. When can I see a doctor for free HIV/STD-testing and Hepatitis vaccination?

Click here for the dates.