For some clients administration is not really for them. We help them with their administrative problems. That may involve contracts, tax bills, clarifications, letter writing, ...



Some guests have difficulties in expressing their feelings. We are trying to help them so that they understand their feelings.



Often sex work is only one of the ways that allow guests to an income. The survival situation in wich they live in, requires them to get other ways to earn money. The world of sex work connect also with other living environments, in which other values and standards prevail: drugs and crime. However, this does not mean that someone who commits sex work anyways does also other facts.
We are trying to help them with their financial situation through contacts with the OCMW, bailiffs, lawyers,... and to help them to budget planning or supervision. The budget planner and first aid for debt are useful instruments.
Only in exceptional and urgent cases, and with the assurance of correct allocation, we give small sums to clients.


Because the clients have physically contact with their customers, physical hygiene is a must. We disclaim the guests on their importance. Well groomed hands, hair, teeth,...
We bring them in contact with the care center.


We notice that help questions come when there has already appeared a disease picture. That is why we give regular information and offer free medical consultations. At the same time, we propose a hepatitis-A and-B-inoculation.
We also offer a oral fluid HIV test. By such a test can be found if there are antibodies to HIV.
If necessary, we refer to Ghapro or to the helpcenter by the Tropical Institute.
Here we can test if the partners have safe sex.


The fact that guests contact several people, causes a high risk of TB. We refer them for a TB test at the VRGT.


A number of organizations in Antwerp offer (free) diet or food packages. Within CAW Antwerpen they can contact De Steenhouwer. We can request tickets for the social grocery at the PSC.



We have a number of basic drugs: headaches, sore throats, toothaches, stomach pain, ...


Some guests are struggling with their sexual orientation or their sexual identity.
Sometimes prostitution is used to discover the sexual orientation.
There is a hugo taboo on homosexuality and transsexualism. We are open to talking about this with the clents and to guide them.



Some guests are homeless or want to stand on their own legs. We help them when looking for a home or a place to sleep.



Some of our client have insufficient furniture, household goods, clothing,... for themselves or for the family in which they live.
We only offer purely material assistance if that is linked to an individual assistance. We then provide for guidance to De Loods in Broechem and the C-service in Borgerhout where guests can get (whether or not free) furniture, clothing,... We have a small stock of clothing at the disposal of the clients.


Some guests are involved in criminal activities. Especially theft.
If they are picked up by the police they are often treated differently than the average citizens and they have little defence. Most of the cases they are released without consequences.
If they have to appear before the judge the pronunciation has not always the desired result. Often it results to temporary placements in institutions. When the placement has been ended there is otherwise little shelter and guidance. Thereby the clients fall back on their own living world and often they get back into crime actions. A vicious circle.
We help clients upon legal matters by contacts with the juvenile court, lawyers, institutions,...


Whitin the prostitution environment the use of drugs is not unusal. Sex work not only to pay for drugs but also because drugs rather is part of their living environment. A living environment maybe which facilitates to do the sex work and shapes outlet. The earned money is often spend in the places to go out, where drugs are a part of the deal.
We inform the guests about the characteristics of the drugs and the dangers of its use.


We attach particular attention to minors. Often they are lonely and have their own issues.
We are looking for any minor to a possible gateway to improve its situation. Youth clubs or associations may bring here solutions.


We encourage clients to talk to Dutch. This promotes the social contacts and also gives a positive added value for job applications.
Transgender people do not go to language courses that are organized by the Government.
We regularly give formation in a playful way around topics related to sex work.
Guests can receive personal study guidance.


Many sex workers are lonely and have little or no social contacts.
We offer them the opportunity to talk about their situation and seek them to have contact with other organizations.


Clients who do sex work, do this for several reasons. For some of them it is a conscious choice; they consider sex work as a profession. As long as they are young, it is an easy way to earn money, afterward they see what will be comming.
Others do it of necessity in order to survive and others do it for more luxury. We notice that most of the time this is sporadic sex work.
By the lure of money guests reduces their boundaries and by doing this they take risks.
The pressure of other sex workers and the wishes of their customers bring clients to less attention to the consequences of unprotected sex.
We try them to have more attention on the dangers of sex work, and to give them tips.
We don't condemn their sex work but we try to offer alternatives.


Having a job offers opportunities to climb the social ladder. However the temptation to live on unemployment pay or getting money support from the social welfare is very heavy.
We encourage clients to look for employment and help them in their search or in preparing their Cv.


Some clients don't have a legitimation or have an uncertain residence status and request information on residence papers, social rehabilitation, assistance for the voluntary return to the native country...
People who illegally stay in our country, have a limited number of rights. Often they can not be admitted at certain centers, mental health services, public welfare and so forth.
We inform them and bring them in contact with organisations that can support them.


Some clients do not know what to do with their spare time and then hang around on the street or in the cafes and know to little about the leisure activities within the city. They need activities and social contacts.
We give them information about the possibilities and bring them in contact with social, sports and cultural associations/clubs.
Sometimes we organize activities.