Our main aim is harm reduction and we work pro-actively.
In practice, harm reduction is about minimizing risks in different areas, like sexuality, sexwork and health. We give them support in different areas to improve their situation and minimise their risks. But we always respect their choices and we never make them do anything they don't want to!
We attach more attention and importance to care for quality than to quantity.


The fact that we only get to know the clients if they already do sexwork often means that they already made a longer road through the social assistance. Often they experience another large distance between themselves and the assistance, employment initiatives, CPAS, etc. ... In addition, by the numerical small scale of the target group and the "ignorance" at the government and the general public there is only little specific offers for them.
Therefore we listen as much as possible and we try to win the confidence of the guest.
The guest gets the security and space to tell his story. Out of that story we get relevant information (sex-work, situations, family background, problems, (auxiliary) questions, ...).
Clarity about sexwork usually comes only after several conversatrions. Client-guests-relationships are often unclear. Sometimes paydate-guests are also client from each other.


To some questions, e.g. informative, extremely urgent, medical, ... we immediately give attention. But for many questions, however, there are no instant answers and often it is necessary to see the question in a wider context and to strart an individual assistance.


Down trough the years we've built up expertise in a lot of areas.

We try as much as possible to respond the questions and needs of the guests, but not any question can be included by ourselves. That is why we have built a network of essential contacts.


P.S.: As an organization, Boysproject often doesn’t deal the attitude and behaviour of the guests and their clients.