In recent years the number of sexworkers looking for clients on the internet has increased massively. More and more boys and men and TG's are offering sexual services on chat and dating sites. While a great many sexworkers work professionally, they also work alone and no one knows what they do. They often do not have a network to share their experiences and information about clients. Sharing work experiences with friends is not just something you do. Sexwork is still a taboo. It's not always easy to seek out assistance either. The often isolated situation of sexworkers increases their vulnerability.

Our services are oriented to giving sexworkers the opportunity to break out of their isolation. We actively present ourselves at various sites, listening, answering questions and providing information. Our aim is to minimise their risks and increase their resistance. Safe sex is also something we focus on.


Boysproject developed the website info4escorts which is also used by other members of the BNMP.


One advantage is that the employees can communicate very directly and without taboos with the guests and give them information. Treating targeted questions or just chat are both possible and they alternate.

Disadvantage is that we can’t work processely. Also, the chat conversations for employees are coming hard inside and are very tiring. Exposure of image and language can sometimes lead to resistance at the employees. At a one-to-one-chat there is not always a clear and direct request for help.

In addition, fakers causes loss of time and are demoralising for the staff.