The streetwork method is the basis of our services on the field. That means that we try to establish contact with our target group and develop a relationship of trust. It gives us insight into their situation and environment, enables us to provide support and to answer questions. Where possible we provide access to social facilities, so that our target group can actively learn about the available social facilities. Through a process of cooperation with the boys and representing their interests, we try to influence these social facilities so they will better fit the needs of our target group.

In concrete terms, our aims are as follows:

- Establishing contact with our target group and building up a relationship of trust

- Being accessible and approachable on the field and answering questions (about sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution, clients, paperwork and more)

- Publicising Boysproject's services

- Developing a feeling for the atmosphere, movements and changes on the field and responding to them

- Promoting safe sex as a basic principle on the street; we actively hand out condoms and lubricant and we promote our STD consulation


We visit only sites that can be visited on a regular basis and where the guests work.
In contrast to the female sex workers our clients don’t work behind windows. Exceptions to this are transsexuals and transvestites in the Schipperskwartier.


These places, however, are not always safe. That is why at least two staff members present at the outreach, minimum one regular employee. If two female empolyees doe the outreach, they don’t go into the city park.
At feeling of insecurity we leave the place immediately and, if necessary, we consult each other and possibly the team responsible.