BOYSPROJECT works in order of the City of Antwerp.



1. HEALTH: prostitutes get maximum opportunities for personel quality health care. For prostitutes with reduced health chances there are additional initiatives.
Means: awareness, guiding them and offering services.

2. SECURITY: prostitution often takes place in degrading circumstances. Prostitution-related nuisance and crime must be tackled.
Resources: systematic controls prostitution industries, administrative enforcement and cooperation around forced prostitution.

3. DIRECTION: the city performs an integral, balanced and coherent prostitution policy.
Resources: follow up evolutions, promoting coordination and cooperation and transfer of information (local and supra-local).



1. search for the target group and ensure a good welcome. Already excluded from the reception, the guests must be made ready for assistance. A lot of help questions remain at the reception.

2. create a low threshold to aid with a view to safety, well-being and health and thereby increase the self-sufficiency of the clients.

3. offer assistance and refer/guiding them to other organizations. We believe that clients do not belong in the sex work and seek to discourage the sex work.

4. preventive action to health, body hygiene and STI's.

5. harm-reduction: it is intended that BOYSPROJECT limits all risk.

6. signal function to competent authorities. Survey the target group and seek to obtain recognition of the target group. To do this, we use the online signal chip on the site of CAW Antwerpen.




1. improve quality of life

2. search for alternatives

3. respect for everyone and for each his own choices

4. open to all (low threshold); everyone is welcome within the target group

5. active, motivating and spurring (customised)



In order to guard the objectives BOYSPROJECT works with a logical framework:

General objectives (policy plan)

            └Specific objectives

                                   └Expected results (measurable)

                                               └Activities         ← resources (time, money, shapes, ...)

                                                                       ← responsibilities

                                                                       ← assumptions (conditions, ...)